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Learn everything you need to know to master salon recruiting in these 6 modules. PLUS we have 23 bonus tools for you. Failure is not an option.

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    4. How to use this course

    1. Module 1 Workbook: Find your homework here

    2. Thought Prompt: Rethink your employee value proposition

    3. Bonus 1: NEW TALENT Appeal Cheat Sheet: know exactly what talent wants to know about you!

    4. Bonus 2: EXPERIENCED TALENT Appeal Cheat Sheet: know exactly what experienced talent wants to know about you.

    5. Bonus 3: Prebuilt Team Values Discovery Survey: Streamline Your Values Exploration Process

    1. Module 2 Workbook: Find your homework here

    2. Bonus 4: Team Story Planner: 30 Days of Instagram Content Ideas

    3. Bonus 5: Instagram Media Mastery: Tips for Capturing Stunning Visuals and Videos

    4. Bonus 6: Recruitment Lead Collection Blueprint DIRECTIONS

    5. Bonus 6A: :Lead Tool Tracker Form

    6. Bonus 7: Lead-to-Conversion Step-by-Step Guide

    7. Bonus 8: Virtual Assistant Nurturing Promo: Unlock Exclusive Discount

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    1. Module 3 Workbook: Find your homework here

    2. Work Ahead: how to use Canva to create content

    3. Bonus 9: Lead Generation Mastery Top 10 School Presentation Ideas

    4. Bonus 10: School Presentation Wizard: Customizable Prebuilt Template

    5. Bonus 11: Wow Factor Swag Checklist + Exclusive Discount Code

    6. Bonus 12: Irresistible Brand Showcase: Compelling Visual Example

    7. Bonus 13: Instructor Engagement Blueprint: nurture long lasting connections

    8. Additional Lead Tracker Tool

    1. Session 4 Workbook: Find your homework here

    2. Bonus 14: Job Descriptions: Real-life Examples for Success

    3. Bonus 15: Vetting Power: Tip Sheet for Potent Interview Questions

    4. DATA ALERT: Please take this 6 question survey.

    1. Module 5 Workbook: Find your homework here

    2. Bonus 16: Career Page Success Checklist

    3. Bonus 17: Website Priority Checklist

    4. Bonus 18: Exclusive Virtual Assistant Discount: $100 Off Your First Month

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Recruiting is a marketing skill you can't afford not to have.

⭐️ Learn the number one skill you need to know in order to grow your salons revenue and feel like you are in control of business again.

Bonus material

Get 23 value packed bonuses when you enroll in the Salon Recruiting Bootcamp.

  • Recruitment Bonus Tools

    This course is packed with hiring tip sheets and bonus tools to help you hire more easily. Every module has easy-to-use tip sheets that get you to take action quickly on meeting your hiring goals. 23 in total + savings of over $500 on virtual assistants, leadership education, and business development training.

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    Join a year's worth of quarterly masterminds led by Talent Match Founder, Stef Fox. These sessions dive into new insights, trends, and important recruitment updates!