Office Hours Overview

For only $99 per month, gain access to our live office hours, where you can ask all your marketing questions, learn from peers, and receive expert guidance. Join Stefanie in our monthly sessions to get answers, share successes, and receive invaluable advice.

  • Join our monthly calls to discuss all aspects of salon marketing, focusing on attracting both clients and top talent.

  • Discover effective strategies to expand your clientele and attract top talent for your salon, drawing insights from both peers and industry experts.

  • Tailored to your salon's growth, our live office hours offer an interactive Q&A with a marketing coach, providing insights to help you attract more clients and staff to your salon.

Led by Stefanie

Join me for live office hours monthly!

Founder Stefanie Fox

Stefanie is a salon team-building guru, a lover of inspirational quotes, and a self-proclaimed "data nerd". Her biggest passion is helping salon leaders build teams that they love: so that everyone thrives.